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TurnKey Corrections and TKC Telecom gives your facility a custom solution that meets your philosophies and practices. We are unique in this business because we develop and own all software code as well as maintain and control every aspect of our system, from manufacturing to technology.  TKC can provide your facility with solutions that impact all aspects of your jail operations.
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The following websites are our ancillary service sites providing a portal for inmates' family and friends and our supply service site helping jail facilities for over 20 years.

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Phone, Accounting Made Simple.  Inmate Law Library.  Indigent Supply Management. Automated Messaging and Kites. And so much more!


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Inmate Messaging

TKC's system is designed to make commissary and communication services easy for both inmates and jail staff alike. Simple accounting procedures, thorough training, and comprehensive service offerings combine to make TKC stand out as the best company to service your facility.


Our company is a complete solution for your facility's needs. TurnKey owns all the code of our proprietary software system and we manufacture all of our own kiosks, in Wisconsin. Our company streamlines commissary, email, video visitation, inmate kites, law library access, and many other services to inmates, all contained within one kiosk and one software system. We do not rely on any third parties in order to provide you with first-class services and products.

"I have certainly enjoyed and appreciated our relationship with TurnKey; someone is always available to answer a questions or to help out. TurnKEy's customer service puts THEM over the top."

- Major Jason a. lawrence

Bates county law enforcement center

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